Henrik grew up in a world of competitive cycling. The son of a Norwegian road race champion, and brother of a national champion, cycling was in his blood, as was that competitive edge. He was part of the Norwegian team that won the World Culinary Championships in both 2005 and 2006, and by 2011 he was head chef at a former two-star Michelin restaurant, Mathias Dahlgren, in Stockholm. It was the very same year his culinary talents would cross over into the cycling world. After Thor Hushovd won his very own World Championship in 2010, the Norwegian Cycling federation’s budget grew, alongside their rider’s appetite for success and finer fuel. And so, Vélochef was born...


Henrik fuelled his compatriots for two years, simultaneously hosting a Norwegian TV show following the Tour de France, cooking up traditional, regional dishes along the way. He’d continue to do so over the next five years but instead cooking for Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome as Team Sky continued to dominate Le Tour.

In his next chapter, came his collection of recipe books, his latest an outdoor open-fire cooking masterclass whilst bike packing around Norway. This was followed by Velochef Clubhouse, a hotspot in Oslo for cyclists and foodies alike, described as a 'seasonally inspired kitchen serving what’s best when it’s best.’ Just how we like it. 

We know Thor is happy to be dining out on Henrik’s new Nordic cuisine and if you join us, we think you will be too.