Having spent 8 years racing in the women’s elite, Monica decided to stop chasing the her dreams in the peleton and focus on coaching, vlogging and joyriding amongst other exciting non-racing related ventures. In her own words, Monica details her rise on the road and how she got started.

"My family have always been really sporty, so from a young age I have always been active. However when I was little I used to go to Manchester Velodrome with my parents and my Grandad and watch the Revolution series where the best riders in the world/country would race a series of events throughout the evening, it was a mega, fun event and I used to sit and think to myself I wonder what I have to do to get myself on that track racing those events. Then when I was 13 years old my dad took me to Manchester Velodrome for a taster session and from that moment on, the adrenaline rush, the steep banking, the fast riding, the bikes just everything about it gave me an absolute buzz and I fell in love with it from then on!"


In 2018 Monica turned pro with Dame Sarah Storey’s elite women's race team, the beginning of her short, but successful career in the pro ranks.

"That same year the team was registered as a UCI team which meant we had access to all the big races, one being the UCI Women's Prudential Ride London classic. For me this was a huge thing, being a young girl riding next to Chantal Blaak (World Champion at the time) was a complete pinch me moment, I remember having really good legs and surfing the wheels with the biggest sense of pride and smile on my face ever. It was a dream come true. To be riding for my dream race team and riding alongside girls I idolised was magical and something I’ll remember forever."